Due to the Nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court, it appears there will be more delays to the approval of a fifth stimulus package as Republicans and Democrats appear to be still divided on key issues such as unemployment benefits, funding for schools and states during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the financial rescue of the US Postal Service and increased funding for hospitals and testing in the fight against Covid-19.

While both parties have differing views on almost all aspects of the various proposals, not least is the area of liability protection, there is a consensus on the need for a second round of stimulus check payments worth up to $1,200 per individual as provided for under the CARES Act.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said that once Congress gives the green light for the second round of stimulus payments, the IRS will be ready to start sending checks within a week of approval.

If both chambers agree to delay their planned recess, a vote could go through the Senate on September 30, be passed by the House the following day and signed off by the president on October 2, 2020.

If no vote happens in September, other potential dates based on Congressional voting schedules, include October 9-12, October 16-19 and October 23-26.